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Self Care & Mindfulness

I don't know about you, but this summer has already started to feel a bit crazy, and I'm ready to shift that energy! One thing I do for self care is meditation but since I'm no good at just sitting in silence, I use an app on my phone.

The best meditation apps…ever Meditation has been around for a lot longer than iPads and tablets but with specially designed apps that make the whole practice of sitting still and thinking about nothing it all seems so much easier. Meditating has many benefits; it can help to reduce stress, increase concentration and focus and even help you manage pain or insomnia. Even if you don’t have any issues, it can just be a nice, relaxing thing to do. Here are a few handy meditation apps so that will give you the heads up on meditation…

Headspace The Headspace app gives you a FREE ten-day trial and describes itself as the ‘gym membership for your brain’ - a very big claim but people do seem to swear by it for getting them into the practice of meditating. It’s available for Android, Apple and Windows and features guided meditations for people who can’t imagine sitting around and thinking of nothing.  Some are very short - so anyone can find two minutes to fit in a quick dose of calm.  

Smiling Mind Although this app was designed for kids, I can see why adults love it. Smiling Mind  is free and features meditations divided into age groups. Children can learn how to identify feelings and deal with emotions, while teens can get meditational support with exam stress and worrying about the future. Adults can find useful topics too, like ‘how to step back and pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.’ It’s a free app and you can download it on an iPad, iPhone or an Android device.

Breethe Meditation & Music (this is the app I use) The Breethe app is perfect for entry level meditators (is that a word, I’m not sure). It’s also very specific – there are even options for meditations on subjects like going through chemotherapy or weight loss. Although basic access is completely free and you can enjoy a range of meditations without paying a penny, premium membership unlocks a lot more. It’s currently £6.99 a month. This app works on iPad, iPhone and Android.

Calm The Calm mindfulness app gives you a selection of guided meditations that last anything from three to 25 minutes on a wide range of topics like self-esteem or gratitude. You can also relax to sounds of nature. It’s subscription only app and available on Android, iPad and iPhone for £42.99 per year.

The Mindfulness App If you’re looking for a nice selection of timed meditation sessions that’ll take you anything from three minutes to half an hour, there are plenty to choose from on The Mindfulness App. There’s a five-day introduction and a large library of topics to meditate on, nature sounds and a premium option that currently costs $9.99 per month. The Mindfulness app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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