For many women, their pregnancy will go beyond what is their expected due date (an EDD). Although a baby and a woman's body can naturally start to labour anytime from 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy, many will progress beyond 40 weeks. For most pregnancies this is still considered normal but for a number of women they will begin to feel the pressure of wanting to start their labour naturally, rather than wanting to go down the route of a hospital induction process. 


There are also a number of women, for a variety of reasons, who may well have been advised to have a hospital induction at 40 weeks, and therefore feel an even greater need to "kick start" their labour.


Using a combination of therapies, specifically tailored to the individual woman and pregnancy, it may be possible to start the onset of labour, before it has begun on its own. Although it is not guarenteed to be successful, it has been reported that even if labour does not begin as a result of the treatment, when the labour is induced, the process is easier to establish. 


The therapies I look to use are acupressure, massage and aromatherapy



During your initial visit, we can discuss how the pregnancy has progressed to date and where or not there are any concerns or circumstances that may need to be taken into consideration. We will also discuss how getting the baby into an optimal position may assist labour to commence. I shall then decide with you which of the therapies we may use, some I may teach you and/or your partner to continue at home. Any treatments agreed on will then be carried out.

I shall arrange a follow up appointment with you, for between 5-7 days later (if needed) to see if any of the treatments need to be altered or changed. 






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