Nausea and vomiting "Morning sickness" in pregnancy is one of the commonest disorders of pregnancy, with up to 90% of women experiencing either one or both symptoms. It is often misunderstood and dismissed as being a minor complaint, without many people realising how debilitating and disruptive it can be, not only to the woman but to her family, friends and work.


The symptoms vary according to each woman and each pregnancy with about one in three women feeling nauseous but not actually vomiting. For some women, their symptoms are triggered, or made worse, by certain smells, for others the time of day determines how they feel. A previous history of back or pelvic injury is also reported as increasing the symptoms, as is previous trauma to the jaw area. 


Whatever and however the symptoms present, the woman can be left feeling isolated, physically and emotionally drained, depressed and withdrawn. 



During the initial consultation I will go through with you an extensive history of your previous medical and pregnancy history, we will also examine if there is a family history as well. We shall discuss the symptoms being experienced and how they affect you physically and emotionally. Once a clear picture has been built up we can look at a package of treatment with an aim of reducing and alleviating the symptoms. A combination of therapies will likely to be decided upon, which will be unique to you. These usually focus on acupressure, homeopathy, massage, aromatherapy and some herbal remedies, depending which suits the situation. If I feel a referral to a different practitioner, such as an osteopath, may be of benefit I will support you in this.


I would recommend that we review the treatment after 5 days to make adjustments where needed and I am available for telephone consultation and support as needed. If by the final appointment the symptoms are well controlled, we shall use the time to carry out a relaxation massage to carry you forward into your pregnancy. 







Morning Sickness