During some pregnancies, your baby may decide to sit in a breech presentation, which means that the baby's bottom (or legs or feet) might be sitting in your pelvis rather than the baby's head. Many babies can sit in this position for many weeks and there are no concerns. However, the bigger the baby gets and the further into the pregnancy you progress, the less the chances that the baby will turn on its own. By 37 weeks approximately 3% of babies will be a in a breech presentation.

If you get to 34 weeks of pregnancy and your baby is sitting in a breech position, as long as your pregnancy is progressing normally, and is complication free, there are techniques that can be used to help encourage your baby into a head down position. One of these is Moxibustion. 



Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique which has been used for thousands of years by acupuncturists. It involves the use of moxa sticks (made from dried mugwort) to apply heat to acupuncture points - this particular herb is chosen because of the intensity of heat it produces when burned. When attempting to turn a breech baby, the acupuncture point that is used is called 'Bladder 67' By stimulating this point the muscles in the uterus are relaxed and the baby is able to turn into the 'head down' position.



During your initial visit, we shall explore techniques that can be employed to help turn your baby into a head down position. If suitable, I will teach you how to use Moxibustion sticks, which you will take away to continue the treatment over the next 10 days. The moxibustion sticks are included in the package price.

I shall arrange a follow up appointment with you, for between 7-10 days later, to see if the treatment has been effective. If your baby has decided not to turn around, I can discuss and explain all further options that may be suitable for you, including how the baby be turned by hand and the options that you have around the birth of your baby.






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